Phoenix the Horse

This is a work in progress.


Sometimes our muse is on vacation and what we have been doing suddenly stops. We just don’t feel like doing what we have been doing. I call this taking a couple of steps backwards. Suddenly we feel we need to work on the foundation of our education. This is happening to me right now with painting. The thought of sitting down at my easel, squeeze out some paint on my palette, pick up a brush and start painting is like looking up a staircase of 6000 steps to get some where, wherever that is. Just not happening right now.

To overcome this lack of inspiration and the desire to paint I study paintings, knit, draw, sign up for online courses in oil painting (work on those), drawing (purchase more pens/ color pencils), sketching, taking good photographs (with my SLR in manual mode) and learning to navigate in Light room/ Photoshop. Lets not forget reading books (autobiography of Steve Jobs, all 3 books by Juliette Aristides, a classically trained artist and other artist blogs. One can never know enough about the art of art. Practice is the key and the more you learn will allow you to execute a piece of art that you can be happy with.

Die Reise ist das Ziel

Two pictures as inspiration to paint.


Drawing and painting

In the last few month I have not painted very much, but taking classes on drawing. Daily practice is the key to success. I realize that one needs a good foundation to execute a good composition. After all when attending an art degree program one needs to start at the bottom and acquire basic skills. I still do the monthly challenge with creative triggers and Paul has been a great inspiration in encouraging us to keep practicing. Last months challenge was drawing mandalas.

Creative Triggers   and Learning to See  are the two websites where you can explore your artistic creativity.

IMG_3890 IMG_3867 IMG_3118 IMG_3775

Here are a couple of my latest painting, but they still need some more brushstrokes. I am working on completing aspen tree painting as a three picture display.

IMG_2221Stay tune for more news on drawing portraits with color pencils and illustrations of little animals. Waiting to receive my supplies.